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Introduction About Truck Off Road

Get ready to immerse yourself in an extremely realistic off-road racing game in Truck Off road where you can fully immerse yourself in an amazing and dirty adventure with your favorite trucks. Discover a variety of More Game challenges that let you enjoy driving and racing simulations in a different way.

In Truck Off-Road, enjoy realistic physics and precise control of different models of off-road trucks that will make you feel like driving. Unlock tons of great adventures with different racing modes and unique gameplay. Enjoy customizing your cars and unlock new vehicles to enjoy the game even more.

Learn more about this awesome racing game from ODD Games and all its amazing features with our detailed reviews.


With Tricks of Truck Off Road, Android gamers will get a great mobile title to enjoy off-road racing. Enjoy driving your amazing off-road vehicles through mud and water, each with its own amazing design, driving physics and realistic touch controls. Get behind the wheel and get ready for a hit.

Here in the game there is a huge collection of amazing trucks, each with its own amazing design and realistic in-game physics. Feel free to explore the many beautiful trails with interesting settings and stunning views. Don’t forget to try many unique and beautiful items on your cars to enjoy the real racing experience and fully customize your cars.

Send yourself and your beloved passengers on many amazing adventures in Truck Off road, where you will race on different tracks, try different game modes, face different opponents and much more.


Here are all the exciting features that the game offers:

Realistic in-game physics and real-time destruction

Android Truck Off road players will instantly be completely captivated by the realistic in-game physics that allow Android players to fully immerse themselves in their off-road adventures. Here you have everything you need to enjoy a dynamic and action-packed driving experience in a gaming environment.

Feel free to experience the dynamic off-road experience in Truck Off-Road where every splash of mud feels very real. In addition, real-time destruction and water physics will always allow you to enjoy an interactive off-road game.

Realistic and adaptive touch controls

For those of you who are curious, the game’s intuitive, realistic and customizable controls will keep you fully engaged in your driving missions. Feel free to participate in intuitive off-road scenes where you have access to all the control functions of your vehicles. Use both control buttons and gestures to perfectly control your trucks and navigate through the challenging passages.

Also, you will be able to experience touch and tilt controls which will make the drifting game more exciting. Don’t forget to adjust the steering wheel sensitivity to enjoy this amazing mobile app.
Here you can freely connect an external controller to your Android devices to enable console off-road gameplay. Users will be able to easily plug and play to freely configure their controllers accordingly or use the in-game reset features.

Many times

Here in Truck Off road, Android players will be introduced to a huge collection of realistic 3D offroad vehicles, each with its own gorgeous design and incredible offroad power. Feel free to browse the huge collection of cars that can rival the likes.Off track fromGigabit is not on the way. Choose your favorite cars, learn the physics and mechanics of driving and enjoy driving in Truck Off road.

Many auto parts that can be freely customized

For those interested in the fun elements of SUV customization, this will allow you to customize the interior of the truck. Enjoy a personalized gaming experience as you try to modify your cars using 400 unique parts. Changing engines, axles, exhausts, fans, turbines, suspensions, transmissions, rims, tires and much more will allow you to change the way your game trucks move on muddy roads.

Also explore the use of panels, paints, decals and body parts to freely customize the look of your cars. A variety of options and a beautiful design ensure that you will always look good while traveling.

Take in-game photos and share them with others.

To make the game even more fun, Truck Off Road will now allow Android players to take in-game screenshots and share them with others quickly and easily. Just open the built-in camera view, which is always available whether you’re in the garage or at the races. Select and capture your best photos to share your hot game moments with others.

Very good off-road locations

With Tricks Off Road, Android players can visit many amazing off-road locations, allowing them to fully enjoy their epic journey in the game. Enjoy amazing mud parks and off-road races, each offering its own unique settings and exciting gameplay. Enjoy racing in multiple locations and explore their magnificent settings.

Exciting competitive Game Tricks

To make the game even more fun and exciting, Truck Off Road allows players to enjoy their epic journey in different game modes, each offering a unique racing experience and different challenges to test your skills.

Feel free to participate in Freestyle and Open Play competitions, where you can freely show off your skills and explore an unlimited number of tracks. Do what you need to do to fulfill the special requirements in the game and enjoy the ride for what it is.

Enjoy the track and offroad racing game. Drag a flight Mods are available for all Android players. Test your driving skills by participating in many epic events in the game. Speaking of which, you can test your skills during incredible manipulations where the stakes are high and the rewards are very attractive.

Many individual competitions and professional tournaments

Here in Truck Off Road, Android players face many exciting challenges while driving in individual races and professional tournaments. Feel free to choose your favorite racing game and start enjoying the exciting racing experience whenever you want.

Android players can always enjoy the game to the fullest thanks to the many exciting races with unique game modes, race locations and win conditions. Not to mention, the increased difficulty level ensures that you will always enjoy the game regardless of your level.

Enjoy online competitions with friends and players.

For those of you who are interested, you can now play games with your friends and compete against online players. Leaderboards, now available to all Tricks Off Road players, allow you to show your scores and progress in the game against the best players in the world. Rise to the top by earning bragging rights with your friends and win awesome in-game rewards.

Never lose your game data.

To make sure all your game progress is safe, Truck Off Road will have the ability to download your data and sync it with the Google Play service. Simply enable the cloud save option and connect to your account to save all your progress forever. This ensures that you will never lose your data, especially the cool tricks you have collected.

Multiple languages ​​are available for players worldwide.

To make the game accessible to players from all over the world, ODD Games will have several language options that you can create in Trucks Off Road. Here, players are allowed to switch between English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and many other languages, allowing them to fully participate in the off-road game without much difficulty.

Enjoy playing offline anytime.

Android players can also enjoy off-road racing courses from Truck Off-Road in offline. Here you can access most of the game’s features and content with a few exceptions. So enjoy epic offroad driving in Truck Off road whenever you want.

The Game Was Free

For those who are interested in playing the amazing Truck Off road game on mobile devices, you can get the free version of the game here. Google Play Store, should be available for all Android gamers. But if you want to get rid of ads and enjoy a fully functional mobile game, you will have to pay for some in-app purchases.
Unlock the full experience with our Apk.

To get the most out of the features in the game without paying, we provide an updated version of Tricks Off Road for all Android players. Here you can enjoy a full-featured ad-free game absolutely free. That’s all you need to download Truck Off road Tricks APK Follow the instructions and start enjoying this wonderful mobile game to the fullest.
Visual and sound quality


Here in Truck Off road, Android players are allowed to explore a visually stunning game world with realistic off-road conditions, each with its own precise settings and spectacular visual effects. Not to mention, the realistic handling and water physics will make you feel like you’re sitting behind your SUV. By offering custom graphics settings, the app will allow all Android users to enjoy the game on their devices without lag and with better quality settings.

Sound and music

Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay of Truck Off road, as the powerful engine sounds of real cars, splashes of water and the general atmosphere of offroad tracks allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Also enjoy the powerful soundtrack in the background, which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Final thoughts

With its simple yet amazing offroad racing simulator gameplay, Truck Off Road will let Android players truly enjoy the gaming experience.

Here, realistic physics, powerful 3D graphics, amazing vehicles, amazing tracks, exciting game modes and many other great features ensure that you will always enjoy your off-road driving to the fullest.

Also, thanks to the free and open version of the game on our website, Android players can always make the most of its features without paying. Apkpure Games download

What's new

Actually fixed respawn in garage and events this time
Fixed loading issues when using new chassis panels
Fixed freeze between events


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