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Journal it! – The best Bullet Journal app to help you organize your life. Keep your to-do list, schedule and goals in one place. if you need more Apps

introduction About Journal it!

For those of you who have kept a journal it in the past, you should know how powerful the process of writing down what happened in your day can be. And for those of you who don’t have the opportunity to keep a journal, you should give it a try and discover the amazing benefits. As a result, you all will find this amazing journaling app to be a great tool to start your daily journaling.

With simple, accessible features and an intuitive interface, Journal it is perfect for introducing new users to the journaling process while allowing veteran users to easily interact with their journals.

Keep your daily forecast with diary, habits, tasks, notes, planner, life values ​​and more. feel free to divide them into different categories including Available categories will make your diaries easier to work with and add to your values.

Learn more about this exciting Journal it mobile app and all its exciting features in our comprehensive reviews.

What are you doing, what are you doing?

With Journal it, Android users will get the best alternative to physical or other journal. Bullet Journal apps can be a place to add different aspects of your daily life or plan or plan your future in different ways. Plus, I have access to amazing features only available in digital documents and files.

With the features available in the app, feel free to use it to record your daily experiences, track your moods and situations, make plans for the future and always bring you fully into the present. You can also use existing encryptions, passwords, online backups, etc. you can keep your personal data completely safe. This is all to ensure that no one can read your log without your permission.

Sync the app across devices for seamless app interaction and lets you blog anytime. Explore the program’s rich notes, which include numerous stylized templates for text, media, and other interactive content. Explore dozens of different tracking and recording tools for your daily tasks. Launch useful tools for easy mobile application management. The list goes on.


For those interested in the excellent Journal it mobile app, you can now use the free version of the app. Google Play Store The download is always available for all Android users without any hassle. Take advantage of the free in-app features to organize your important diary and always stay on top of your life. But if you want more than a mobile app, there will be in-app purchases and ads you’ll have to pay for.

In addition, as with other Android applications, to ensure the functionality and features of the application, especially when performing complex operations, you will need to provide all necessary access permissions given to you when you first log into the application.

Also, remember to always update your Android devices to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and above, as this is very important to ensure the stability and compatibility of apps with the system.

Great opportunities

Here are all the cool features the app offers:

Automatic synchronization on all devices

To begin with, Journal It Android users can work with different versions of the app on the Android and iOS websites and all data is fully synced within Journal It. This will ensure seamless cross-platform operation, making the Journal app more intuitive and user-friendly in many situations.

Rich notes are available for your journals in the app.

Also, thanks to the rich notes available in the diary program, you can easily create your own different diary entries. Add text, comments, locations, styled text, existing templates, media files, and more to your application logs. feel free to add. This will make it much easier to work on different magazine ideas.

Activate the Habit Builder and Tracker tools.

Start building healthy and productive habits in Journal it with the easy-to-use Habit Builder tool that allows users to log in seamlessly. Use our powerful habit tracker to easily create new habits and track total commitments to them in the mobile app. Include reminders so you don’t forget, and include helpful notes to help you work on certain habits.

Plan ahead with the many options available

For those of you who are interested, you can use your existing task settings for tomorrow’s work, your next trip, hike, or any important event that requires proper planning and preparation, thus easily planning your days. your magazine.

Protect your health and money

For those concerned about their health and finances, the magazine also offers quick and useful tracking tools for immediate use. Just create a small tab in the app to keep track of your health and finances. Be sure to add daily updates to these subscribers to enable journal it reminders.

Notes and lists are useful for storing information.

Here at Journal it, Android users can keep track of their important information and data with helpful notes and lists. Feel free to create your own unique combination of these notes and allow some input into them.

Quickly and easily update your notes and lists every day so you can keep track of this information. Feel free to make simple adjustments to change colors, styles, and patterns in your notes to enhance your in-app experience.

Pay attention to your mood

With Journal It, Android users can track their current mood with a simple mood tracker and level options available. Here the app will allow you to track your daily mood to track your current mental state and emotions.

Useful tools for organizing journals

For those interested, you can now use our handy tools to organize the different elements in the app. Tags, additional locations, actions, related contacts, and more. track various notes, trackers and reminders by sending. All of this will make it easier to organize your library.

Useful theme settings to suit your preferences

To make the app easier to access at night, Journal it is also introducing a useful dark theme that will allow Android users to easily see diluted color combinations without straining their eyes.

A simple home screen widget

To quickly work with the mobile app without opening the magazine, we also provide useful home screen widgets for all Android users. Here you can easily enable various widgets for several quick controls in the app so that you can use its features without opening the app.

Powerful statistics for all users

For those interested, you can now use the powerful statistics in Journal it, which will allow you to track the data collected in the app and your usage over a period of weeks, months or years.

Enable random reminders from notifications.

Also, feel free to include nostalgic memories when using the app for the first time or during certain events. The app will automatically record these important updates to its log libraries and provide you with small snippets of interesting information when needed.

Enjoy the app offline.

To make the excellent Magazine mobile app even more interesting, Doit Apps also offers an offline version of Magazine which is available even in offline mode. Here you can still make changes to your settings and work on editing your magazine libraries. When you reconnect to the Internet, syncing will automatically be activated so that your changes are available on all devices.

Protect your data with encryption and passwords.

To prevent others from viewing your important information, especially including your journal and logs, it is important to set up a blocking mechanism to protect them. In Journal it, Android users can work with fingerprint authentication, face unlock and password tools, which will make it easier to protect their data. End-to-end encryption will also make it much easier to protect your data, as the app itself cannot read your stored data without your permission.

Import and export data easily.

In Magazine, Android users will be able to import and export their magazines using ZIP or PDF files. This will allow you to export and back up important data to online storage or drives. You can also transfer data from the application to other systems. Enjoy working with features that are easy and accessible when you’re in the app.

Enjoy the unlocked app with our mod.

Finally, if you don’t want to pay high prices to unlock the full app, try Journal It ad-free unlocked app for Android users on our site. Here, we provide lifetime premium access to the program completely free of charge, so you can always make the most of its features without paying. Just download it. Write it in . Follow the instructions and you’re done.

Final decisions

With an accessible app interface and many great features, Journal it for Android will make it easier for users to work with their diaries, journals, trackers, notes, planners and many other productivity tools.

What's new

Version 9.6.3:
- List Notes had been redesigned and renamed to Collections
- Collections: build databases of anything you want to keep track of, like books, movies, recipes, or anything else
- Collections support multiple 27 types of properties, including text, rich text, quantity, date, time, duration, selection, and more
- You can connect items between collections with Relation properties, as well as mention collection items in your entries, notes,...
- Other bug fixes and improvements

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