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The Gun Club 3 series is undoubtedly one of the most popular shooters of recent decades. The previous Gun Club series has always received great reviews and feedback from the gaming community. The pioneer of the shooter genre on mobile platforms, Gun Club has been known to gamers since 2009.

Gun Club still leads the best shooter rankings with the most realistic simulation capabilities. However, the game is a simple shooter and does not have many combat elements like in traditional fighting games. The Double Mill was once again successfully established.Gun Club 3.

Accurate weapon simulation with rich and interesting features. If you are a gun lover, enjoy Gun Club 3 Download and find out why Gun Club Apk is the most downloaded gun simulation game.

Original information About Gun Club 3

Gun Club 3 is the third part of the advanced Gun Club simulation series on Android Gun Club. In the next season, the producer will offer you a series of dramatic combat missions and a real shooting studio.

Gun Club is one of the most popular gun collecting games on Android with great graphics and features that mimic real world guns and ammo. In the second part, hundreds of sets of weapons and equipment such as AS50 Sniper Rifle, M27 IAR Assault Rifle, PSG 1 Sniper Rifle, PSG 1 Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle pleased the players.

And in this latest installment, Binary Mill will officially take you to the highest level of shooting. Compared to the previous two versions, Gun Club 3 added many new guns and weapons, challenging game modes, exciting gameplay with realistic simulation details, and a diverse customization system.

The Best feature of the game Gun Club 3 for Android

Challenging game mode.: Try shooting with your friends to see who can get the highest score.

Realism at its best: Use vivid 3D graphics. Each weapon has full customization to view details such as zoom in/out, drag and rotate at different angles.

Improved debugging system: Hundreds of tools, equipment, sights, lasers and grenades to customize your weapon to suit your fighting style. Combine them to unlock the devastating power of weapons at your disposal.

Various goals: The game consists of several missions, such as freeing hostages, eliminating enemies from a distance, or fighting in a chaotic zombie scene. No required any time limit, no score limit, just you and your weapon.

Try driving.: Defeat other shooters in competitive mode and prove your smart shooting skills.

Update the content: Discover new daily quests, new weapon sets, objectives, bonuses, achievements and leaderboards. Multiplayer will be added soon.
Tablet support: A game suitable for tablets.

Note that Gun Club 3 is free to play but has paid IAPs that require players to pay real money to use them. You can disable this feature in your device settings. Players can beat Gun Club 3 without the help of IAPs.


Gun Club 3 is a shooting and action game that has received a lot of love from gamers around the world thanks to more than 5 million downloads across all platforms. Gun Club 3 will not create players who love shooters.

Gun Club 3 is not as violent as other games of the same genre. The virtual gun simulator Android Gun Club 3 will take you to an experimental environment. This is a shooting training ground where you will practice your shooting skills with many exercises ranging from simple to complex.

When you enter the game, you will have access to many types of weapons. These include M202A1 Rocket Launcher, HK416 Rifle, AA-12, Corrige Flintlock 1777 Rifle, Mk110, Mk180, Mk430, USP and many more. are included. While playing, you will appreciate real guns with reloading, barrels and shooting.

Even the sound of gunshots will leave you in awe. Tasks are automated and there are detailed instructions for each weapon.

The graphics are stunning and carefully designed with realistic visual effects. The sound system is very realistic with real gun sounds. and the type of mission-specific weapon system that will be used to engage the missions.


Show what you’re made of with the world’s best weapons! Gun Club 3 combines action with immersive gameplay thanks to stunning visuals and unparalleled detail. Only the bit of gun-powder is missing.

Each weapon is meticulously manufactured, equipped with realistic ballistics and polished to the smallest detail. What a great opportunity to visit a shooting range on your Android device!
Advanced configuration

Customize your weapon with hundreds of different upgrades! From laser sights to grenades, every weapon can be turned into a special item.

Intermittent zones

Use your weapons in a variety of scenarios, from hostage-taking to long-range shooting and killing zombies in terrifying levels. Compete with some of the world’s best shooters in head-to-head competitions. Compete in each round of the tournament to challenge the reigning champion!

Source material

With daily challenges, new weapons and gear, achievements, leaderboards, and soon multiplayer challenges, there’s always something new to do in Gun Club 3. New challenges, different training grounds, custom weapons, and constant updates make this game great. A true asset for any long range shooter and beyond!

Overall assessment

Gun Club 3 is a shooting game published by Binary Mill. Game Background: As the name suggests, they do various shooting exercises in a gun club.

In the past, Binary Mill has been involved in mobile game research and development and has developed many great games such as Mini Racing, Jungle House Now and Fire Club series.

Its performance reflects the high evaluation of reviewers. Many of these games use graphics systems instead of free downloads, and Gun Club 3 is also a traditional continuation of Land’s Gun Club series on a VR platform.

First and foremost, it is designed for gun collectors. The appearance of weapons and arrows in the game has been significantly restored. We are sure that it will not disappoint all players.

Amazing sensations while shooting

We took the target without passing, we shot from the cannon. So far in video games, on-screen weapons can shoot at distant objects. However, this time the exciting shooting game Gun Club 3 brings back the feeling of real shooting.

You will shoot from realistic sights under ideal conditions. In this game, players can shoot as if using a real weapon to hit the target in front of them.

The game requires players to hit targets that appear continuously in each level to complete the level. Players can use different weapons according to different levels.

They can also upgrade their favorite weapons and refine their fighting style. Although it sounds complicated, the entire game requires only a touch of the touchpad to perform all the operations of the game.

The sense of presence is different from traditional sports.

The first is the basic level. As you prepare these static enemies, the enemies will also be replaced with cardboard. Your main task is to aim well and then shoot, it’s very simple.

However, some enemies in the later levels will be difficult to kill. You have to move the touchpad to be able to see the weapon. So there is a clear sense of purpose. If you encounter an enemy that cannot be killed, equip such a weapon and it will be easy to shoot.

If you hit the head, you’ll get bonus points for headshots, so aim and shoot actively! The trick with headshots is to shoot from above. If you run out of ammo, you can reload the ammo by swiping your finger on the touchpad.

As in a normal shooting Gun Club 3, it will change automatically when we use the shooting Gun Club 3. Once the bullet is loaded, a white circular hole like this will appear on the screen. If you click on the green field to successfully complete the reboot process, you will receive an additional reward. But even if it fails, you can complete the reboot process.

Many weapons in the virtual world

This level should then be used for weapons. Targeting an enemy from such a distant window feels like a sniper. If you hold the gun in front of you like before, take a look. It will also expand the field of view through the field and have a more realistic viewing action. Keep calm and break gently.

Although the image is small and hard to distinguish, many enemies will use the hostage as a shield. If you kill a hostage, some points will be deducted, so you have to successfully avoid the hostages and shoot these inhuman enemies.

When using the shotgun to locate the enemy, because the shotgun has a zoom function, the line of sight will be blurred when moving. Even if a new enemy appears, there will be a direction to go in the direction it appears, and if you follow the directions to find that direction, you will also be able to find the enemy, but it is better to drive. exit from And look for the enemy. After the enemy aims to ensure effective shots. Download Free Gun Club 3 For Your Android Version

Four Representative surface designs

Almost all levels can be divided into four categories. The first is an introduction. Just click on the cardboard representing the enemy and the cardboard will disappear after a while. In this level we can defeat the enemies in one hit and you can get instant points so keep calm and shoot.

Then there is the second type. In this level, many enemies will appear at the same time. If you eliminate these enemies, you will be able to complete the level. Although the cardboard enemy level is similar to the previous one, the enemies in this level will move. Therefore, there is no time limit.

The third level is for experience. As with your newly acquired weapon, you can use your weapon of choice to shoot as many times as you want. You can also practice archery at this level.
Finally, there is a fourth level. For an action photo, do you think there will be zombies in the scene?

be able! Zombies will attack at this level! Even though they are still on cardboard, all the zombies cry without a scene. And it’s still a little tense when you hear the sounds of zombies.

And like zombies in other games. Stamina is very strong and powerful weapons must take many shots to defeat zombies. And if the weapon had gone off, they would not have died.
But you can kill zombies with one shot because the bullets take time to recharge.

If you don’t know the firepower of the gun and the number of shots, you better aim for the head and shoot more.

More importantly, this level of physical strength comes at a price in Gun Club 3.

After a zombie attack, it will reduce the cost of physical power. The game ends when you lose physical strength.

Grab the gun and zoom under the VR HMD

The weapons used in the Gun Club 3 are divided into five types, each of which has its own characteristics. We can buy new weapons in the shop.

The first type is the gun. Although the power is relatively low, it is very easy to draw continuously and the price is relatively low. At the beginning of the Gun Club 3 we use guns. Depending on the type, the amount of ammunition loaded will be reduced and the corresponding power output will be greater.

The second type is the machine gun. Load capacity and stability are relatively high, and continuous shooting is relatively easy to control. It also comes in different types and costs a bit more.

This is the third type of weapon. Its power is very high because it is very aggregated. So if you are good at headshots, you can get a lot of headshot points at once. But it takes a long time to play and there are some problems at the beginning.

The fourth type is the assault rifle. The accuracy of the bomb, the number of loaded bombs, speed and stability are relatively high, and its firepower is not small. The only disadvantage is the relatively high cost and it is difficult to get into the Gun Club 3 in the early stages.

The last type is a weapon. It cannot be used at normal level, but we can only use it at weapon level. It is relatively difficult to use. It is characterized by the need to set goals through the field. He can also pump arms. Items that can be improved are accuracy, number of bombs, power, reload speed and stability.

Recommended Alternative: iGun 2 Pro

Go to Ejon 2 It is a free and exciting shooting Gun Club 3 that has been downloaded by more than 30 million people worldwide. If you are a gun lover, this game will not only teach you about them but also make you appreciate beautiful weapons.

Shortly after the release of Shooting Showdown, this exciting shooting game for Windows 8 offers a highly addictive shooting simulation experience. iGun 2 Pro launches on Windows 8 with a native approach to traditional shooters.

iGun 2 Pro has 20 guns, but the developer promises 200 libraries waiting to be released. After a huge success on phones, finally this amazing game is also available on Windows Store. The Gun Club 3 supports both Windows PC and Windows Phone 8 and above.

The iGun Pro app allows you to search for a specific weapon, its date of manufacture and all the details of that weapon. This is due to experimental modifications to the weapon, such as installing new rounds when running out of ammunition. The interesting thing about this game is that you also see familiar weapons from popular games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Ghost or Battlefield.

Along with this, iGun 2 Pro is designed to provide players with the most realistic shooting experience. The gun head moves with the smoke after the shot and creates a realistic feeling with hits, rebound effects or blur effects.

Offered for free, iGun 2 Pro appeals not only with its original shooting experience, but also with the useful information it provides. This game is suitable for those who want to learn weapons professionally.

Final words

Gun Club 3 APK This is a virtual reality shooting game. This is a shooting game published by Binary Mill. The background of the game is as the name suggests, with different gun club shooting modes.

Binary Mill has previously been involved in the research and development of mobile games and has created many great games such as Mini Racing, Jungle House Now and the Gun Club series. His playing qualities are highly appreciated.

Gun Club 3 APK is also a traditional continuation of Lands Gun Club series on VR platform. First and foremost, it is designed for gun collectors. Gun Club Level 3 features range from simple fixed-point shooters with thief-shaped targets to more complex zombie-shaped moving targets and red star-shaped rotating targets.

Players have to complete tasks according to the requirements of different levels. Despite the rich level of features, the basic method of single-point shooting remains the same. The latest version supports the Gear VR controller, which improves immersion and Gun Club 3 control. If you are a fan of shooting games, then you should not miss this amazing offer.

What's new

- Update to 64 bit
- Fix for progress loading issue


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How to install Gun Club 3 Virtual Weapon Sim (Apkpure Appz Download)?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Install the Split APKs Installer application

3. Open the application and click on "Install APKs".

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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