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The Stumble Guys Kataka consists of fighting games. Unlike a war game War Machines, Free Fire Guys is full of fun gameplay, colorful graphics and cute characters. Stumble Guys attracted many players. The game reached 120,000 concurrent players, while Steam reached more than half that figure with 56,000 players.

In Stumble Guys you will tackle various obstacles to see who will be the last standing in a crazy and chaotic marathon with a crowd of 60 runners. You’ll face unruly opponents as you run, jump, windsurf and decipher mini-games. Finally, be the first to reach the crown at the end of each round.

The game has two modes, individual and group. This allows players to take on the world alone or gather an entire party to mingle with other groups. Compared to other Battle Royale games, Stumble Guys is a very fun game. Even if you lose, you should laugh at other players’ problems or tricks. Stumble Guys is a fun action game with beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. You can play Stumble Guys and win prizes every season.

Main information

Stumble Guys is one of the few games from world famous publishers. Initially, the game attracted only foreign streamers NICKMERCS and Myth on Twitch. After that, other leading broadcasters around the world continued to broadcast the game live on various platforms, such as PewDiePie, Ninja, Pokimane or Manchester City FC striker Sergio Aguero.

Over the past five years, live streaming has become increasingly popular and firmly established in the entertainment industry. Each live broadcast of popular broadcasters attracts tens of thousands or even millions of viewers. This is the fastest channel for Stumble Guys to get more players. Streamers are always welcome at any Stumble Guys live event.

How to play Stumble Guys?

Recently, developers Kitka Games unexpectedly released Stumble Guys. Now players can comfortably enjoy Battle Royale with many beautiful characters. Below the article, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to help players win Stumble Guys more easily. Nowadays, when the Stumble Guys server system constantly suffers from overload due to the large number of online players, we cannot deny the hot power of this fun survival game.

The Main Game

When talking about Battle Royale survival games, many probably think of the world of guns, violence and zombies. But Stumble Guys is different. They base the game on a familiar survival scenario. But you’ll compete in a long marathon with 59 other racers, taking turns overcoming obstacles, eliminating opponents, programming tournament mini-games, and trying to be the last one standing.

First of all, you should know that Stumble Guys will face many challenges in the match. Each stage requires different strategies and attitudes if you want to overcome it.

  • Utter chaos of usage: Often the victory goes to the one who catches the moment quickly and at the right time. This is no exception at Stumble Guys. No matter how good your skills are, if you ignore the opponents around you, many other hands will embrace you and knock you down. The battle will soon begin. What do we recommend here? If they are overwhelmed by chaos and too many opponents, take the opportunity to jump the gap and stand up. You can easily defeat opponents who play with you.
  • Never underestimate your opponent: The so-called war of survival and the threat of extinction may attack you. It is best to keep a safe distance from all other opponents on the field. He can also be a stealth assassin or a stealth assassin who specializes in pre-emptive hunting.
  • never give up: Enjoy the victory or at least the match full of fun and laughter. So never give up or leave the game early for any reason.

Three main technical procedures

Many players fail simply because they don’t have the following basic moves.

  • jump: The first basic move to master is the jump. Obstacles of a certain height are easily overcome. But if you jump carelessly or without picking an angle, you’re doomed.
  • So every time you jump, be aware of how high you jump, how far you jump, whether you bump into anyone on the way down, and whether your ground position is dominant. You are on stages that require an immediate response, such as SeeSaw or Gate Crash.
  • Diving: Once bent, it takes time for the character to return to normal. You will easily use moves like Fall Ball, Tail Tag and CR if you can dive.
  • catch: Of the three skills, this profession requires the most skill and experience. Some states, such as Slime Climb and Egg Scramble, require players to jump and cling to the edges of walls and ledges, then climb up and continue their journey. It also helps a lot in a team game mode like Hoarders. Of course you stop your opponent from getting the ball and help your teammates in Egg Scrabble.

Always focus on the leader.

As mentioned above, you or any of the 60 players can be removed from the game at any time. So, as good as private ownership is, it’s just basic technology. The other factors are strategy and luck. The best strategy is to go after the best player.

In a minigame like Perfect Match, it forces you to remember where to move your character to escape as it happens. Many remember that it is easy to make a mistake. If the continent is in trouble, it’s best to move to the right position where the first group jumps.

Final words

He loves people. The boys stumble Because the game is easy and fun. The gameplay in Stumble Guys is simple. Beans fall from the sky. And here the game begins. After that, 60 balls remain, which equals 60 players in the number of colors participating in this competition. On each screen, everyone will participate in a mini-game to find the last survivor.

On the way to the finish line, you will have to overcome obstacles like a giant soccer ball or other large objects that try to knock you out of the game. You win by being the last player standing. They designed the competition to look like outdoor games. Stumble Guys is a combination of cute and playful graphics. The obstacles look so funny. These things entertain many people who sit in front of the computer screen in the evening.

According to Eurogamer, many people wanted to play the game on PlayStation. So they took it offline for more support. Stumble Guys is also reminiscent of Mario Party Mario Kart. If you remember these games, give them a try. You don’t need to be a serious gamer with many skills to master Stumble Guys. After just an hour of acquaintance, you will understand the whole process.


What's new

What’s New in Version 0.70.1
It’s Turtle time with our newest map Turtle Tumble inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Now play with your squad in our all new Block Dash Teams Map!
NEW STUMBLERS: Check out our store for new offers each week
Server updates and general bug fixes

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