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Rocket Music Player It has been around for several years and has come a long way since its inception. Many errors have been corrected. It now runs smoothly and has an expanded set of features. 

In the free version, you get tons of presets, over 30 themes, a built-in tag editor, Chromecast support, a sleep timer, a manual playlist manager, and even a ten-band EQ with podcast support. 

Rocket Player is one of the advanced music player apps on Android. Rocket Player supports Chromecast music playback in random order, integrates an equalizer, displays related songs and creates automatic playlists with the Live List feature. 

You can also download other Rocket Player skins to change them according to your preferences.

Original information

Rocket Player is a unique music player for Android smartphones and tablets. Over the years, music player software has gotten easier and better. The intuitive user interface allows users to quickly browse and listen to music without going through details or additional buttons. 

In addition, innovative options allow users to create customized listening experiences with quick playlist editing tools and a powerful equalizer. Rocket Music Player supports Chromecast music playback, built-in equalizer, song display and automatic creation of live music playlists. 

It lets you manage album art from the lock screen and sync your library with iTunes using the iSync app. Rocket Music Player has an easy-to-use design that allows you to play music on a variety of devices. The app also offers a mixer that lets you set five different tones. 

Rocket Music Player is also a popular music player for Android and supports playback of many popular music formats, where you can search for songs by folder. Rocket Music Player Free Download is compatible with Android 2.1 and above. You can download the premium APK version from our website to unlock more features.

How do I use the rocket Music Player?

Rocket Music Player is a simple, fast and beautiful music player available for free for Android devices. Rocket Music Player lets you browse folders and files without metadata, collection skins, meaningless icons or album art. There are many free music players for Android.

Many features are also installed as standard software. However, if you are looking for a simple music player for low-end or mid-range devices, Rocket Music Player is the best choice. Although designed with a simple interface, Rocket Music Player has all the features of a music player that you often see.

Since its size is less than 200 KB, you don’t have to worry about memory loss. Rocket Music Player uses Android with smooth playback and notification management on Android 4.1 and up. Android 4.0 and later has controls for the lock screen and the app. It also integrates with other apps on all Android versions.

The app can choose exactly what you want to play by tapping and holding to select songs and folders. For example, repeat a song by typing it, hitting play and repeating it again. Change all your songs by touching and holding the music folder.

Finally, click play and play the music in random order. In a long song or audiobook, you can save your current listening position with the save position function and move around by pressing the numbers near the search bar. If the order is important and we cannot sort the file names, the order can be combined.

With a timer and music on the phone, you will sleep without worrying about music playing all night. Users can save selected songs or listen to what they are listening to as a playlist. Finally, stream everything you listen to on with Scrubbroid. The application will suggest new songs with the same album description.

Overall rating

Rocket Music Player is a multi-functional and high-quality music player for Android devices. The program supports multiple audio formats, can display album art, offers ten views of the graphic equalizer and allows preset equalization, playback and volume levels.

Rocket Music Player is a premium music player for Android with many useful features. The software supports many audio formats including Apple Lossless, APE, Musepack, Free Lossless Audio Codec, RealAudio, Waveform Audio File, Wavepack and Windows Media Audio Non-Lossless.

Rocket Music Player also provides several tools for quick playlist editing and custom equalizer support. It is easily followed by a ten-point graphic display that allows users to browse through different songs, genres, playlists, artists, albums or podcasts. The Rocket Music Player can also adjust the left and right sound balance and connect a professional subwoofer.

This program supports increasing and decreasing the specific crossover. Users can browse playlists in their personal storage folder. In addition, the program can set and stop the iTunes timer using the iSyncr tool.

Recommended Alternative: Avee Music Player

You are a music lover and when you watch music videos, you often see beautiful musical waves that match the music. Have you ever wondered how to create such a beautiful wave effect? Or you need a computer (computer) with very complex software and you think it will be difficult.

It’s not that hard because you can create a very professional music video with your phone. Player for music avi The first interface when entering the Avee Music Player application is a series of folders located in the phone’s memory. So you can search and select music quickly and easily.

Then you can choose music from phone memory or external memory card. In addition to the online music listening function, you can listen to music online through music links. It is very easy for you to record the songs you play to add them to your playlist.

After choosing your favorite song, click it to play, so you can listen to music in Avee Music Player, like many other music apps. But what sets Avee Music Player apart from other music apps is that you can enable music browsing mode. So, the way to activate the music display mode is very simple: just tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and then select “Visualizer”.

Click the square icon to change the music display style. Then choose your favorite music wave. There are many waves of music that you can explore. In addition, you can also change the default music background that plays with photos in the library, change the color of the music, song title, artist and logo by tapping the pencil icon. With this amazing app, you can freely create your own music videos.

Final Words

Rocket Music Player It’s an Apple Music player written in Swift. Instead of a boring Apple Music app, this app has a great classic interface. You can also choose wallpapers for the app or easily share the songs you’re listening to via email, Twitter, Facebook or iMessage.

Rocket Player APK supports playback of most popular music formats and allows you to search for songs by folder. Thanks to the simple and friendly interface, the application will be very easy to manage. There is an extensive search option that allows you to search by tags, playlists and musicians.

What's new

** Fix large list loading
** Ignore ringtones in app folders permanently
** Fix rescan bug
** Prepare for Android API 30
** Allow genre filtering on the artist tab
** Updated translations
** Now you can turn off custom notifications and use the built-in Android notification instead
** Scanning fixes
** Fix for stars bug on some Samsung devices. I could only fix the default themes.
** Fixed some startup crashes on Android 11
** Added a few more languages
** Multi-delete tracks in playlists

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