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Dry Cactus Limited
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Oct 1, 2020
Sep 2, 2023
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Little Intro About Poly Bridge 2

Poly Bridge 2 It combines intelligence and realistic physics. The game brings the experience of building bridges to real life. Overall, the gameplay remains the same as in the first edition. This means players will solve physical puzzles using parts and blocks to build bridges. The game also integrates video editing and Steam Workshop support to create a richer game.

The goal of the game is to build bridges so that vehicles can cross rivers. Poly bridge 2 was built from a 2D spherical model using detailed drawings and available materials. Poly Bridge 2 offers a variety of scenarios with matching game requirements.

They base all their properties on physical principles and real geographical conditions. During the construction of the bridge, two criteria must be met, as the construction costs must be within the set budget. The bridge must be loaded enough to accommodate a certain number of vehicles.

Main information

Poly Bridge 2 is a physical bridge building game for Mac, Linux and PC. The game challenges creativity and manipulation with hydraulic skills and navigational aids. In free play mode you will create arcs and straight lines.

PolyBridge 2 contains more than 100 levels with a new, attractive and fun design. In particular, each level in Poly Bridge 2 presents unique challenges that will never let players get bored while playing.

Poly Bridge 2 does not require players to use multiple supports to build bridges. Instead, players must build bridges based on bridge key points, vehicle direction, and arcs. With traffic markings and construction techniques, the bridge can withstand vehicle loads.

overall assessment

Poly Bridge 2 has just been released by Dry Cactus. It will continue to attract players who love brainstorming in the game. Like its predecessor, Poly Bridge 2 is a game that puts players in the position of a bridge engineer and tasks them with exploring and assessing an area in order to build a suitable bridge. The game continues the tradition of presenting players with tough challenges and giving them a sense of accomplishment when they overcome those challenges.

A simple but challenging game.

Dry Cactus realized that the strength of Poly Bridge is not in the visuals or sound, but in the amazing gameplay. And they kept this trend with Polebridge 2. The visual part of the game is still simple with elements. The game is full of angles. It produces eye-catching colors without having to do anything to configure the machine and works seamlessly on all platforms. This will also be a big advantage when launching the game on mobile devices.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the task of the player in PolyBridge 2 is to build bridges. The game will provide you with various materials and equipment such as wood, steel ropes, ropes and hydraulic jacks. Players can create a bridge according to the conditions on the game screen. These situations can be as simple as driving over a bridge, but they can be just as bad.

For example, car A must cross the bridge, train B must pass, and car C must return. These missions have many more challenging levels. As the traffic flows, we will constantly increase it, which will always bring indescribable pleasure to the players.

There are no explanations or instructions.

Such pleasure is hard to come by. After the first few levels of training, the game teaches players that triangles are the best impact structure. PolyBridge 2 draws you into the building process. While learning through trial and error is a fun part of the game, a game that doesn’t bother to explain to you how certain content works is sorely lacking.

Jacks are levels that introduce you to jacks that require you to build a bridge that opens up for ships to pass through. It shows you what you need to do to achieve that goal. But that doesn’t tell you why you’re doing it. Then leave the game to trial and error. It’s even worse with cable. The game tells you that the cable can get stuck in something, but it doesn’t tell you how long it can get stuck there, how many things, or how strong it is.

Also available in the corner of the game screen. It’s also completely useless as it’s just basic information. This is not necessary for players to understand the game. We were most disappointed by the game screen​​​​, which represents the dance function. Although there was some experience in the first edition, Polebridge 2 offered the unexpected and required the use of existing elements to create a small vehicle launcher.

It took us at least 10 minutes on a large river to try different designs before settling on a solid design. 10 minutes may not be appropriate, but if previous screens usually require only 3-5 minutes. This is an easy time to scare players while playing.

The above risks are not new to Poly bridge 2 as they are present in Polybridge. Dry aloe vera in PoleBridge 2 does not solve this unpleasant problem. But we believe we can count on the gaming community. Fortunately, the first version of Poly Bridge 2 has many attentive players who are willing to take the time to write detailed instructions in the form of text, images and videos.

Image and sound quality

As Poly Bridge 2 focuses on new gameplay, the game’s visual effects and sound are quite adequate. The screenshots of the game should be enough for you to know that the appearance of the game is completely different from the original version. The game is still very light, but does not require a separate graphics card. This is a feature that helps players gain access to Poly Bridge 2 easily and opens the way to attack mobile players.

The graphics and sounds in Poly Bridge 2 are also not impressive. The game’s background music is enough to keep players from feeling empty while playing, and sound effects are kept to a minimum. So we turn off the music in the game and replace it with our favorite songs from the playlist.

Suggested alternative: Poly Bridge

Are you tired of current events and RPGs and want to enjoy a very fun and innovative game? So try the mobile game. Field tower now. The game’s simulation gameplay focuses on building bridges and roads and connecting lots of fun elements. With a highly accurate and realistic physics system, players will use in-game materials such as wood, iron, steel and hydraulic pistons to build iron bridges, suspension bridges or even jump off cliffs.

Last words

In short, Poly Tower 2 APK Continuation of the first version without hacking features, but without hacking. The original version was a huge success and this is a great choice by the developer Dry Cactus to continue that success. Poly Bridge 2 is still enough to give players hours of brainstorming and unique moments.

Sandbox mode allows you to freely build bridges without any limiting factors. Poly Bridge 2 contains many vehicles such as motorcycles, carts and trucks. Each vehicle has a different shape and weight, requiring players to make careful calculations to ensure the safety of the bridge during operation.

What's new

* Hide bonus worlds when Challenge Mode enabled
* Localization fixes


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