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intro about Mini World

Minecraft Now fans will find another great title for their mobile devices. Feel free to create your own characters, create your own world and immerse yourself in an endless variety of gaming experiences where you can create or create anything you want.

Prepare all your tools and materials so you can use them whenever you want.

Create a world of amazing architectural achievements, create your own kingdom of all kinds of animals, meet friends and other players in your city or immerse yourself in the modern challenges of the survival game.

When you are in Mini World Block Art, anything is possible, the only thing that limits you is your creativity.

Learn more about the game from MiniPlay Inc. in our reviews.


In the game, players will discover a modern 3D world where you can enjoy an amazing endless sandbox. Enjoy a variety of action in the mini world, interact with the custom environment, use the many available building and crafting features and meet the game’s interesting characters.

Explore exciting gameplay through various game modes and have fun by joining the online support community in the mini world block art. Have fun with other friends as you join forces to create your own world in creation mode or explore exciting gameplay in survival challenges.

The game allows you to create your own mini-games in an endless world of block art. Discover all kinds of exciting features to build your world, customize your games with many settings and much more.

Or, if you prefer, you can enjoy addictive gameplay with hundreds of exciting Mini World created by the online community. Join other players in their world as you explore the interactive cube game in a small world for free.


Here you will find all the great features that the game has to offer:

Touch controls are easy and intuitive

First, you will enjoy simple and intuitive touch controls. Feel free to roam around with your character and explore huge sandbox maps with interesting features. You are also allowed to use gesture controls to perform attacks and easily interact with the environment. Learn to play instantly as you master the Mini World block art controls with simple missions and intuitive tutorials.

Enjoy playing alone and with other players.

In addition to making the game as free and as free as possible, players are allowed to enjoy in-game challenges while playing with friends or alone. For those who want to play alone or don’t currently have an internet connection, you can still enjoy the Mini World game in single player mode.

On the other hand, if you want to connect with other players, you can always have more fun by playing in a multiplayer network. Play with friends or strangers whenever you want.

Explore the big sand world.

In addition, players are also introduced to a large sandbox world where they can freely explore and do whatever they want. You won’t find a dull moment in the game with the variety of situations to challenge, the wide variety of monsters to challenge, and the many exciting resources to collect.

As a true creator of mini world block art, you will find yourself traversing amazing maps and looking for strange parts of things as you try to create amazing gadgets.

Enjoy the game in amazing mode.

To make the game more diverse and interesting, Mini World Block Art also offers different game modes for players.

  • A way to live together – In the beginning, you can enjoy the classic mini-world block art game, where you give maximum focus to your character, trying to survive in an exciting world with endless possibilities. Try to survive monster attacks, hunt animals to get food and pasture to get some resources. Collect various objects and materials around you to start building your beautiful cities and castles.
  • Create a routine – And for those who are interested in building and creating things, you will definitely enjoy the modern game Mini World Block Art. Explore yourself with many different variations of tools available to design, create and customize your virtual world.
  • Mini games In addition, Mini World Block Art players will have access to hundreds of exciting mini-games created by the online community. These games are mostly unique worlds created by other players, so if you want, you can try to create your own world and interesting mini-games in it.

Feel free to customize your characters

Since you are playing online, it is recommended to dress your characters in special coats and outfits. This way, you can easily impress other players and make your friends proud. Also, with many customization options, you will find it relatively easy and simple to customize your characters in the game with cool clothes.

Get lots of cute pets

In addition, if you find that the available settings are still not enough, the game also offers interesting and cute animals that you can take with you on your gaming journey. Feel free to catch cute pandas, penguins, chickens and many other interesting animals.

A powerful in-game editor to create your own world

As mentioned earlier, players will also get access to the game’s amazing game manager features. Here you can use the available options to create your own new world with completely different settings.

Feel free to design modern architectural achievements and create fun and addictive games with interesting mechanics. With your own FPS, strategy or puzzle-solving Mini World games and more. Happy making a copy of your own Pixel Power 3D In your little world.

Find new updates every month.

Also, to make the game exciting for Android players, you will get great updates every month with exciting new content and special events. In Mini World Block Art, feel free to participate in many in-game activities, discovering more and more exciting games every time you return to your world.

Record your unforgettable moments in the game.

To save all the memorable moments in the game, players can also access the gallery option at any time. Feel free to take a picture or record any funny moment at the game. Celebrate your creativity or take pictures of other people’s beautiful designs.

Play in your favorite language

For those interested, you can always enjoy the game in your favorite language as well as the standard English translation. English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and so on. Feel free to choose from 14 different language options. Thanks to deep translation support, you will find the game more enjoyable.

The game was free

Note that the Mini World game is currently free for all Android players. You can easily search and download. Google Play Store without payment.

You can unlock the game completely through our mod.

Finally, since the game is free, it also has no ads or in-app purchases. So some of you may find these features relatively annoying. If so, you might want to check out the rebuilt version of the game, which has a completely open-ended game. Thanks to this, you will unlock all the content in the game and enjoy the ads whenever you want.

Visual and sound quality


Immerse yourself in a wonderful pixel world where you will have access to dynamic games with beautiful environments, carefully crafted details and much more. Not to mention, the uniquely blocky graphics allow you to enjoy smooth and satisfying Mini World gameplay on multiple devices.


In addition to the immersive and accurate sound, Mini World Block Art will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the exciting environment of the game with a captivating soundtrack and subtle sound effects.

Final decisions

Those looking for a simple yet addictive Android title to enjoy on their mobile devices will surely love Mini World Block Art. It’s an amazing adventure game that has fun and a world to explore. Online games and mods will make your gaming experience even more exciting.

What's new

The Void Night version is here! Let's see what's new:

- Void descends on special nights, bringing mutated creatures and siege events.
- Explore the unknown with Void Treasury missions for permanent Avatar outfits.
- Enjoy a new action combat system with over 500 weapon skill combinations.
- Exclusive skins like Void Shadow Serina await in the Star Giftbox.
- New mount, Celestial Trail, makes a stunning debut.


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