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Dec 14, 2015
Nov 16, 2017
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introduction About King of Karts

Let’s bring back all the madness and free elements in racing games to create the most fun game for Android players! That’s exactly what Awesome GmbH has done with King of Karts, as the addictive mobile racing title allows players to fully immerse themselves in action-packed races.

Enjoy driving your favorite cars, play as your favorite characters and enjoy exciting matches with lots of amazing game action.

Challenge your friends in the game on 8 different tracks, each offering a unique gaming experience. Take part in many exciting racing events where you can compete with top level racers.

Best of all, you’ll have a variety of weapons and items to choose from and use against mid-match opponents in fully interactive rounds. Unlock many available items and take advantage of their dynamic usage to get more fun out of the game.

Learn more about the exciting mobile game King of Karts and all its features with our comprehensive reviews.

Story / Game

Here in King of Karts, Android players will enjoy wild racing dreams with many exciting game characters as they all take part in the best races. With rich gameplay that includes weapon usage, power-ups, collisions and lots of explosives, Android players can have a lot of fun competing with others.

At the same time, it offers you a classic racing experience with many tracks to explore, exciting rides with unique driving mechanics and in-game controls. Also, with different game modes and different styles, you can always enjoy this great mobile game and discover its many unique features.

Enjoy the game with innovative and exciting split-screen multiplayer mode. Experience arcade racing cinema with realistic game physics. Explore different routes with hidden paths and wide views. Unlock different game modes and custom difficulty levels to further enjoy your gaming experience. The list goes on.


Here are all the interesting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive touch controls and gamepad support

In addition, King of Karts allows Android players to quickly immerse themselves in great mobile gaming thanks to intuitive touch controls and interactive gesture actions. Feel free to control the touch screen to use your skills to easily move between obstacles, move smoothly on the track and perform amazing stunts.

The game also supports external gamepads, allowing Android players to take full advantage of physical controllers.

Exciting racing modes

Here in King of Karts, Android players will be able to enjoy the exciting racing game in 4 different modes, each offering unique gameplay and challenges. Enjoy the competition in each of them while enjoying the great mobile game.

  • cup – Start by challenging a series of opponents of increasing difficulty as you enjoy competing in various races and earn your prestigious trophy. Also unlock tons of exciting rewards and new challenges.
  • A fashion company – Get ready to challenge your skilled opponents in epic races where you have to eliminate others to win the game. Complete the final round challenge and defeat all opponents in epic elimination matches throughout the game.
  • light – For those who love classic racing games, there is always a game to enjoy. Feel free to compete with friends or alone in free races.
  • experimental time – Finally, if you are really confident in your skills and technique, Android players can test their skills in modern time trials. Try to move as fast as possible while doing weird and amazing stunts to overcome obstacles and get prizes.

Some cool power-ups and items you can craft

To make the racing game more exciting and fun, King of Karts Android players can now use great bonuses and amazing items during the race, allowing them to really enjoy the race. Use 9 power-ups with special abilities and perks to keep them fully engaged in exciting mobile games. Use water bombs, rubber balls, energy blasts, guided missiles and other explosive weapons to destroy your opponents with ease.

Use autopilot, defenders, and other tools to protect yourself from other people’s attacks. Or just increase your speed with speeders, drive fast to the finish line and get out of the attack ring. At the same time, the race will feature active speed boost zones and ramps that you can use throughout the game.

Amazing trails with incredible hikes and hidden trails

For your curiosity, you can now dive into the amazing karts tracks, each with its own amazing track and tons of hidden gems to discover. With 8 different racing tracks with their own unique themes and racing experiences, you can always choose the track that best suits your needs.

Enjoy testing your skills with dangerous stunts in fast races and epic races. Feel free to immerse yourself in an exciting fast race with many events happening around you. All this ensures that you will always be connected to your mobile address.

Have more fun with exciting multiplayer matches.

To add to the fun, King of Karts Android players are also allowed to enjoy an exciting racing game with lots of multiplayer matches. Connect with other devices via local Wi-Fi connection to enjoy epic races with up to 6 players. Or you can share your big-screen devices with others to enjoy split-screen multiplayer racing matches. Enjoy racing, fighting and riding with your friends and family when you are in the game.

Interesting drivers for the game

And at the same time Go around Mario Kart You are also allowed to play with many different characters in King of Karts, each with a unique appearance and exciting racing experience. Feel free to choose the one that suits your taste and enjoy more beautiful mobile titles.

Enjoy special concert tours with the beautiful musician Claire. Enjoy unique surf racing mechanics with Ben Surfer. The list goes on. Feel free to try them all and enjoy a fully personalized gaming experience.

Feel free to adjust the difficulty level.

To make the game even more exciting, King of Karts Android players can now enjoy a great racing game with different difficulty levels, each offering its own speed limit. Test your skills with 50 kW, 100 kW, 150 kW and 200 kW tests for the ultimate gaming experience. Combine your skills and abilities with others in many exciting levels.

Complete achievements to earn prizes and rewards

For those of you who are interested, you can now dive into the exciting mobile game King of Karts and enjoy completing many amazing achievements. Feel free to get special stars for your beautiful racing tracks.

Unlock special trophies and rewards not available in other modes. Most importantly, unique and exciting achievements will give you bragging rights to your friends and other online players. Hence, it makes the mobile phone super name more competitive and interesting.

Enjoy the free and open version of the game on our website.

Because the price of the game is very high now. Google Play Store, Android gamers will want to come back to our Karts Remaster that makes the game completely free and unlocked for all of you. Just download it. Basket King APK Follow the instructions on our website and you are good to go. Get ready to immerse yourself in endless racing experiences with unlimited in-game adventures whenever you want.

Visual and sound quality


Here in King of Karts, Android players will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in exciting kart racing thanks to the stunning 3D graphics. Enjoy racing, dodging opponents and stunts while enjoying realistic in-game animations and stunning visuals. In addition, thanks to advanced graphics, you can enjoy a smooth and satisfying game on all your devices.

Sound and music

In addition to amazing graphics, King of Karts also has great audio elements that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Amazing songs, amazing sound effects and more. Enjoy the great racing game while listening.

Final thoughts

For those of you who are interested in classic racing and looking for modern games, King of Karts gives you the best experience. Enjoy the amazing racing game and enjoy performing many stunts while challenging yourself with other racers in exciting stunts.

All this should allow you to fully immerse yourself in the modern mobile title. Most importantly, with the free and open version of the game on our website, Android players will definitely have more reasons to enjoy the King of Karts game.

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