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Jan 1, 2012
Nov 27, 2023
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Best Franco Kernel Manager app For You. Have you ever faced a situation where your mobile phone is fully charged overnight, no apps are used or activated, but by morning the battery is only half charged? The main reason for this is that background tasks are still running and consuming the phone’s battery.

But how can you recognize and turn them off, save battery life and improve battery life? Franco Kernel Manager APK is a great app that will help you solve this problem. Let’s know more about this app from the following article.

What you need to know about director Frank Cole

Who is Franco Kernel Manager?

Franco Kernel Manager is a tool for measuring and statistics of hardware and software parameters of Android devices, such as CPU, GPU, ZRAM, bus, battery or clock time. In particular, this program will examine the operating system and main thread of the device and highlight important parameters. Franco Kernel Manager will then provide detailed information about your device’s hardware and software so you can understand its current performance and keep it up to date.

Also, the app needs root access to access the device. But don’t worry because Franco-Kernel Manager performs its tasks without changing or adding any other information to the original data.

Basic characteristics of Franco Kernel-Manager

Simple and friendly interface

The interface of Franco Kernel Manager is very simple but rich in essential features. The app makes it easy to find information the first time by focusing on the main menu and key options. In addition, one of the most impressive features of the Franco-Kernel Manager interface is the use of harmonious and balanced colors that create a pleasant user experience.

Manage and protect your battery effectively.

Batteries are an integral part of electronic devices. The more you use, the longer the battery life and the lower the risk of battery damage or unstable operation. Therefore, Franco Kernel Manager will be a useful tool to help you solve this problem by effectively monitoring and managing battery capacity.

In particular, Franco Kernel-Manager will tell you the power consumption of each program to create a battery usage graph. This will help users know which apps are consuming more battery. You will also know which programs are running in the background so you can stop them and avoid the risk of leaking your personal data. If unusual changes occur, Franco Kernel-Manager will immediately notify the user.

In addition, Franco Kernel Manager has an active timer function when the device is unlocked, which means it will predict the remaining battery life based on the current battery power consumption.

Supports advanced control panel.

Franco Kernel Manager dashboard will help users to view hardware and software metrics of their devices. For example, in a central processing unit (CPU), users can know the clock frequency level and its operating parameters in real time.

With this control panel you can communicate directly with your device and set parameters for each operation. For example, you can set maximum CPU hours and RAM usage during gameplay.

Night shift

Apart from the features listed above, Night Shift is also one of the most useful features. Blue light from mobile devices is very harmful to your eyes when used at night. Therefore, Night Shift will help remove those blue lights and replace them with yellow ones (depending on the setting level) to make your vision more comfortable and pleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Franco Kernel Manager free?

Although this software is not free, you can purchase Franco Kernel-Manager from Google Play for only $1.59, but with the advanced features this software offers, it is worth a try.

Is Franco Kernel Manager safe?

Franco Kernel-Manager is a legal and licensed platform. The application only performs its functions without changing or adding any other information to the original data. So you can be sure that this software is very reliable and 100% safe.

Download Franco Kernel Manager APK and MOD for Android.

Franco Kernel Manager is a great tool for your mobile device with powerful and useful features like measuring software and hardware parameters and showing battery consumption performance of apps on your device… Although it is a paid app, it is really useful. An app that helps you organize your device well. So, let’s download this amazing app now!

What's new

1. Fix for set on boot
2. Fix Per-app profiles application list
3. Fix GPU model for some Android 14 devices
4. Fix battery capacity for Pixel 8

1. Old /sdcard/franco.kernel_updater isn't used anymore due to permission changes;
2. Added 64-bit busybox;
3. Backup center now allows you backup boot, dtb and dtbo partitions;
4. Update all the libs & added lots of fixes here and there.

Let me know if anything is broken, I might've missed something.

Thanks for your support ❤️

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