My Talking Tom Friends Review

My Talking Tom Friends Review is a mobile game app developed by Outfit7. It features a collection of anthropomorphic animal characters that repeat what users say and play mini-games.

Among the characters are Tom, Ginger, Ben (a brown cat who likes inventing things), Angela (a TV-loving cat who aspires to be a singer), and Hank (a dog who enjoys television sitcoms). They all live together and help one another.

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a major festival celebrated by Chinese and other cultures that follow the lunar calendar. It is also known as the Spring Festival, the Year of the Dragon or Tet.

In the Gregorian calendar, Lunar New Year usually falls on January 21 or February 20 but is actually determined by the sun’s movement and the moon’s shadow, making it one of only two times in the year when the solar and lunar calendars align.

Celebrations of Lunar New Year differ depending on culture but most include food, family and a focus on removing bad luck and welcoming good fortune. It is typically a week-long event. Houses are cleaned, red lanterns and paper decorations are hung and fireworks are lit to scare away evil spirits. People visit family and friends and give each other money in red envelopes to bring luck. Foods such as long noodles for longevity, fish for prosperity and dumplings for wealth are eaten.

Outfit7 is bringing Lunar New Year to its flagship game My Talking Tom Friends with special in-game challenges, activities and rewards. Starting today, players can celebrate the Year of the Dragon by collecting in-game dragon tokens to redeem special rewards, including a new Fortune Tom character.

Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run is the second endless runner app in the Talking Tom franchise to feature anthropomorphic animals. It was developed by Slovenian company Outfit7, who has a number of mobile apps that have garnered billions of downloads. Its gameplay and graphics are very similar to those of the top hits Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

This game features characters that have appeared in other Talking Tom games from Outfit7. These include Tom, Angela, Ginger and Hank. They all play a role in this episode, and their voices are provided by their respective voice actors.

The game follows the gang as they celebrate Lunar New Year together. They also prepare for the festivities by painting lanterns and playing board games. When Hank gets a fever, Angela puts him on a diet and succeeds in doing so. Meanwhile, the pets role-play as space explorers to recover their jetpack, but they activate it accidentally and end up in the jungle.

The gang also takes part in a cooking contest. Angela cooks, but she is unable to impress the other contestants. The friends also play a Guitar Ace minigame, much to Tom’s annoyance. This is the first time that Angela’s breathing animation and eyes bug out, and if her energy is low, she will turn around to make silly faces at the player.


Talking Tom Friends is an interaction-based video game developed by Outfit7 for Android devices. It was soft-launched on 12 February 2020 and released globally on 11 June 2020. It features beautiful 3D visuals and an exciting open space to explore the family home. It also includes a wide variety of toys and games.

Talking Hank and Ginger become true scallywags when they touch Ben’s computer without his permission. Now they need to scourge the seven seas—or at least their garage—for pirate ghosts. Will they be able to save the day?

Ginger finds Ben’s pencil and board that can create anything drawn on it. She decides to use it to create a fire-breathing dinosaur and accidentally damages their hero headquarters elevator. When Tom and Angela return, they realise that Ginger has lost her powers.

The ghost also has telekinesis and can manipulate objects in her surroundings. For example, she can float a chair and bend the legs of a table. She can also create glowing portals that can teleport or suck people in.

Like other Talking Tom and Friends video games, the gameplay in My Talking Tom Friends is simple and fun. The app is free to download, but it offers in-app purchases. Talking Tom Friends is rated for users of all ages and can be played on any device. The app has received positive reviews from many gaming websites and publications, including the reputable gaming website Snopes. In addition, Outfit7 regularly releases updates and new content for the game.

Talking Tom Goes on a Diet

Tom tries to impress Angela by doing some physical activities, but fails. Then he eats too much and gets fatter than ever. So he puts himself on a diet and becomes thin again. After a while, he misses his chance to kiss Angela. He then steals coins from a fountain and gets fever. Then he is put back on his diet and succeeds.

Talking Tom and Friends is an animated series created by Outfit7 Limited which follows the lives of the talking animals named Tom, Ben, Angela, Hank, Ginger and Becca. Each of these animals has its own personality and likes to play different games. Tom is the leader of the group, he develops apps along with Ben and likes to show off his inventions. Ben is the brain of the gang and prefers to work on the technical side of things. Angela is the love interest of Tom and aspires to be a singer. Hank is Tom’s best friend and he likes to watch television sitcoms.

My Talking Tom Friends Review

Occasionally, Talking Tom and his friends get into trouble and they have to solve problems that they encounter in their daily lives. For example, if Tom and his friends are hungry, they have to make sure that they eat in time or they will get sick. Moreover, they also have to clean their room from time to time and make sure that there are no dirty clothes in it.

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