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Blade Crafter This is a pixel game for mobile devices that is inspired by the development of old-fashioned places. Just point and click to play. The player will gain experience fighting monsters and items to create more powerful weapons.

Today this article will give you information, review and guide about the Blade Crafter game. This is a great little stress relieving game that can kill your free time quickly. You can play without an internet connection.

The official version of Blade Crafter is an adventure game for mobile devices. In the game, the player is a fan of famous swords and his dream is to make the fastest sword.

The Blade Crafter APK version offers easy-to-use, one-handed control and lots of fun options to beat the time limit. You can click on this link to get it for free and those who are interested can download it quickly.

Original information

Blade Crafter is an animated version of a mobile RPG that is also a casual and idle game. In the game, the player will act as a brave person by defeating the monsters. During the battle, the gold coins you get during each turn can be used to buy more advanced types of weapons. This weapon automatically ends the attack.

Upgrades and weapon upgrades require the player to make decisions based on their assets. You can also participate in the battle. You can join the battle by accidentally touching the touch screen.

Although the Blade Crafter APK 4.27 (Free shopping)  game lacks special features and visual effects, the player feels very attractive. In addition, there are domestic combat systems, expert combat systems, and auxiliary armored systems. Get from Google Playstore

As you engage in countless battles, you can manage your money wisely and choose to upgrade your auto-attack system to lighten your load.

Tap to join, tap with your fingers to level up your character and unlock your skills, all of which will allow you to have a great gaming experience. So you and your friends who are interested in this game can download the wallpaper.

This mini Blade Crafter game is an idle game that involves drawing, digging and placing. In the game, you can experience a number of operations such as premium sword mastering, piercing, forging, weapon upgrade, photography and treasure upgrade.

Blade Crafter is a mobile role-playing game from game developer Studio Drill. You lost, so now try to have the most famous sword! The weapons you can create move freely and you fight like life.

Battle through different levels to collect content and pick random props to make faster swords. Interested players can download it from this link as soon as possible! At the end of the Blade Crafter game, you will become the master of the advanced sword!


Blade Crafter is a Buddha-style role-playing game. The game uses a vertical screen to play. Players can collect ore to smelt and craft powerful weapons.

Blade Crafter is a fun idle game. Do you want to be the fastest bowler? Have you ever thought that your sword will move like a soul? You can fulfill your wish, come and make your sharp sword and use beautiful and convincing skills to defeat all enemies.

You can travel with the famous sword and face various emergency situations on the way. Do your best to defeat your opponent in the next round, earn your opponent’s gold coins and famous sword and enough money for hard training.

Rivers and lakes are empty. Please be careful and take your medicine if you are sick. Health is the most important thing! The Blade Crafter game will have rare mines hidden in the corners of the map. Take care and try!

Interesting Game.

Blade Crafter is a new RPG series for mobile devices. The game features several new game modes, each with unique themed scenes and dynamic and exciting levels of challenges.

This will give you maximum experience to complete the level. You can also try other interesting combinations to master the art of ball training step by step. To enhance the player’s gaming experience, the editor has designed simple gameplay around the game. Come and see!

First, as a mobile RPG that uses positional elements, there are automatic attack moves. While these settings reduce player engagement in the Blade Crafter game, they also reduce player performance.

Because in the first stage, the number of gold is limited. So players have to tap to attack people. They want a certain amount of gold from each group.

By using the necessary gold coins, you can operate the automatic attack system. You can start auto-recruitment mode by purchasing a weapon of your choice. The weapon system in the game is different.

As your gold coins increase, you can buy more advanced weapons for your house, such as collecting weapons. Over time, different skills will be developed as the weapons level up gradually. The more advanced the weapon, the higher the threat level.

So, they introduced the original fighting style of the Blade Crafter game above. This game is suitable for all ages with its simple operating system. Only manual monster farming can collect and buy automatic attack weapons in the early stages.

So when you enter the game, click on the character icon to bring up the screen. Here your character can be leveled to increase the character’s attack power with each touch.

In addition, legendary swords of different generations can be upgraded and strengthened to receive enough damage from a hit. Players can also choose different pets and create different armor protections.

Some notable features:

  • The weapons you wield and fight seem to have life.
  • Click to attack can speed up progress.
  • After level 100 you can try to get the inheritance.
  • Earn medals through artifacts and search for hidden ancient treasures.
  • Get achievements in games and get rewards.


Blade crafter is an indie farming game with great game graphics. The game is also simple and easy to use. Players can collect all kinds of balls in the game. Your goal is to create a very strong and sharp sword.

main page

The main interface mainly displays the current weapon and related attribute information. Over time, you can upgrade your weapons and equipment.

State of war

Click the battle button in the upper right corner of the main interface and you will enter the scrolling interface. In this interface, you can get a certain amount of gold and escape after winning the battle.

Remember that weapons are permanent. In the lower right corner is the same skill to restore weapon stability. When the weapon’s power reaches zero, it will exit the drawing interface and return to the original interface.

Card interface

Click the field button to enter the mining interface. It has an energy value E and the energy value E used by each ore is different. The energy value of E will gradually return.

Here’s a little trick! Clicking on this page will speed up the power release process! The ore is mainly used to upgrade weapons.

Weapon interface

The weapon interface shows your weapon and the amount of gold coins required to upgrade your weapon. Note that there are two ways to upgrade your items.

Augmentation with a short wand can increase additional attributes at will. How is one gun enough? If you want to increase the number of weapons, click to add weapons!

phonic interfaces

The rune interface is a rune that drops when you pick up an icon that can increase weapon-related attributes such as increased attack, movement speed, or burning gold coins.

Skills interface

Skills can be used when redirecting the image and they can get additional skills! For example, starting Mol Arcanum’s recovery will give a weapon of durability skills. Back strengthening skills will gradually unlock as you upgrade some other strengthening skills.

Treasury interface

Sometimes powerful monsters cannot be defeated by just upgrading weapons. But fortune brings treasures. There are various treasures, including ones that increase gold coin drops, speed up energy regeneration, and reduce stamina costs.

A clever combination of friends and treasure is needed to improve the quality of brush images.

Online store

The store always sells good stuff. Some items increase your attack power, double your gold coins and auto attack speed. It can be said that everything is normal.

Blade Crafter APK Tips and Tricks

How to get gems? Click on the exclamation mark to enter the mission interface and complete the corresponding mission to get all the gems.

The Blade Crafter game also has mini games. Click on the little third joystick icon in the upper right corner. There will be two mini games. After completing the level, you can get gems or runes.

The game has many other exciting features waiting for your friends!

A special strategy

  • After level 100 you can try to get the inheritance. Do your best to get achievements and rewards in the game.
  • Earn medals through artifacts and search for hidden ancient treasures. The weapon in their hand will function independently and fight like life.
  • Find different types of combat weapons. Each weapon will have very different properties.
  • After 100 levels you can try to inherit your savings to play other different game modes.
  • We can unlock many achievements in the Blade Crafter game to prove their gaming power.

Suggested alternative: Type Titans 2

Tap Titans Game is an arcade game developed by Hive Corp. We are sure that many players have tried this. Simple taps on the touchscreen should be an easy way to play, but if things go wrong, it can’t stop people from typing!

Click on Titans 2 It is slightly different from previous works. Even the drawing style has similar characteristics. However, accuracy and quality have improved significantly. Monster sculpting and chain sculpting are also very useful. We think it can compel players to click.

There is no new, hard game. Tap Titans 2 is like an updated version of the previous game. Players still need to tap the screen to control the main character to launch an attack.

The character’s attack speed is the player’s hit rate. Fortunately, Tap Titans 2 added a buddy system. Players can buy new friends with gold coins. Although the attack power is not as good as the main character’s power, victory depends on many.

Overall, Tap Titans 2 is a simple yet addictive game. Of,, if not more, very little, although the game is not very difficult and amazing, the collection and selection of anime characters to join the battle, the combination of fun and light entertainment elements is still very attractive to download is

Final words

Blade Crafter APK It is basically a role-playing mobile game with game mode. The purpose of the game is to test the player’s strategy, not operations. Simple combat requires the player to plan the levels.

If you are still looking for a relaxing idle game, you can improve your combat efficiency. Blade Crafter APK is the best choice. Attack pressure can increase speed. Let’s take a look at creating a new fast sword using different weapon resources.

Complete the weapon model book, upgrade your power, destroy more enemies and create the fastest sword! If you are interested, download Blade Crafter from this link!

What's new

- Fixed crash issue on some devices

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