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Introduction to the Age of the Apes

Lead a colony of monkeys in the free mobile game Age of Apes and imagine a world where monkeys rule and humans disappear. Building a monkey city, creating an army of monkeys, and fighting other monkeys are part of your job description. Final goal? Get more bananas by sending giant rockets into space! Get New Brawl Stars

Structures like banana fields, monkey camps and even spaceships are part of this strategy game. You can also make contracts with other players to create a stronger group of monkeys and engage in larger conflicts. Adventures away from your hometown await as you explore ancient ruins and battle mutant monkeys.

Age of Apes looks like a great game for those who like to play with monkeys. City building and small battles. If you can play for free and want to play faster, you can make in-app purchases.

Characteristics of Aging in Monkeys

Create your own monkey town:

You can build houses, farms and even rocket factories to build the biggest Lego-like monkey city!

Create a large army of monkeys:

Show your monkeys how to use swords, fists and even lasers in battle! You can gather an entire army of monkeys to fight other monkeys.

Team up with other players:

Make friends with other monkeys to form a very powerful group of monkeys where you can engage in more intense battles and take home more treasures.

Monkey Adventures:

Explore the world outside your city. You can find hidden treasures by fighting strange mutant monkeys in ancient ruins.

The ultimate goal is to launch a rocket into space:

Build a giant rocket and launch it to move… Find more bananas.

An alternative to GE Monkeys

Monkey Town Builder:

Like science projects, but using blocks instead of building blocks, you have to build an entire monkey town with houses, farms and even factories!

Master of Monkey Math:

You need to collect materials and equipment to raise an army of monkeys. It’s like using your math skills to make your monkeys stronger.

A group of monkeys:

You work on projects with your friends, well, as a very cool active project, in this game you will find additional monkey friends to fight with!

Monkey Search:

Do you remember reading about adventures like Marco Polo? In this game, your monkeys go on a journey to a secret area outside their town.

Imagine building a giant model rocket in science class. This monkey is going to explode. This is no ordinary school project. Instead, you have to build a giant rocket and send monkeys into space.

How to download Age of  Apes

Be careful:

Downloading anything from Play Store can be dangerous.

Allow installation:

Turn on Unknown sources in settings.

Choose well:

Choose reliable download sites.

Check permissions:

Just give the program the basics.

Downloading apps from the Play Store is safe, so stay there.

Age of  Apes Faqs

Monkey Age Free?

Of course, Age of Apes is a free-to-play game, but there are items in the game that you can purchase with real money to progress faster. It’s like buying expensive in-game items, only you can have fun without spending money.

How do monkeys work in monkey age?

You have to build a city for them, teach them to fight and even send them into space! They can ride there like a giant monkey playground.

Can kids play Age of Apes?

Yes, but it’s a good idea to show the adults what you can do before you play. There aren’t too many scary fights, but there are a few silly ones.

Can you play with friends?

In fact, your gang of monkeys can become even stronger by teaming up with other players to fight as a unit. It’s like playing games and sleeping with monkeys.

How to win Age of Apes?

Although there are many missions to complete, the main goal is to build a giant rocket and launch it into space in search of more bananas! Isn’t that crazy?

Summery About Age of Apes

In the fun game Age of Apes, you can build your own monkey house and protect it from intruders. It’s like building a tree house and protecting it from imaginary enemies! Make sure you have parental permission before downloading from the App Store. Explore the world of apps and play with fun.

What's new

-New Fighter: Dr. Frost - Herman, a genius climatologist and mech engineer with a sharp tongue.
-Mech Operators: Mech cockpits are now available. Assign different operators to the cockpits to create unique mechs with special attribute sets. Recruit operators now
- Planet Wars: Glacier Land, a new star for a new Planet War!

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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